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Never miss an opportunity to generate supplemental income again with our Ancillary Services!

MGM’s primary objective is to help your Lab maximize its Health Care Revenue. Introducing additional modalities is an excellent way to accomplish this. The result is the improved health of your patients, improved patient loyalty, and improved revenue.

We have developed several proven strategies and insightful marketing materials for your Sales Reps to take advantage of. Empowering your Reps with these fresh and valuable resources will produce phenomenal outcomes!

Below are the additional modalities that we offer Marketing Material and Resources for.

Blood Wellness Testing 

Essential Evaluations- Your Wellness Blood Panel includes a complete blood panel, which may aid in the evaluation of conditions ranging from anemia to infection to leukemia and beyond. It also includes a complete metabolic panel, which measures markers that may be critical for understanding organ function and in screening for conditions such as diabetes.

Comprehensive blood wellness panels of biomarkers for hematology, inflammation, metabolic, diabetes prevention, cardiovascular, and hormone related diseases providing a basis for early detection, effective treatment, and disease reversal.

Cardiovascular- Lipid Groups, specifically Lipoproteins and Apo Lipoproteins, help determine patient’s risk for cardiovascular and related diseases. Using these results to form a patient centered wellness plan is a great way to start to a healthy lifestyle and achieve complete wellness.

Inflammation- Humans are visual by nature. But it is not always what is on the outside that counts. What happens inside our bodies is equally as important and often overlooked. Detecting blood factors that cause inflammation within our bodies also helps predict patient risk factors that may lead to heart disease, stroke, or heart attacks.​

Metabolic- Metabolic biomarkers give a visual of what is happening within our livers and the way our body regulates insulin levels.

Hormone-Hormone biomarkers are equally important to all patients and also affect the way insulin levels are regulated, thus determining the way a patients looks and feels.

Vitamin Levels -The vitamin levels we test for can help your physician identify anemia, central nervous system disorders, bone disorders and susceptibility to other conditions. Your panel will measure a number of vitamin levels directly – Iron, B12, D and Folate, for example – and it will also include a number of tests that may indirectly help identify vitamin imbalances and related issues.


Until recently, dosing and prescribing has been both an art and a system of trial and error. Now, developments in the field of genetic testing have made finding the right dose and the right medication for the patient a science. The 5th leading cause of death in America today is pharmaceutical complications – isn’t it time we lowered that number?

Using the patient’s own DNA, Pharmacogenetic Testing maps the CYP450 system and its enzymes, giving the clinician the ability to choose and tailor medication choices specific to that patient’s genetic profile. The CYP450 enzyme system is a key pathway for drug metabolism, particularly with regard to drug interactions. Approximately 92% of all medications are metabolized through the CYP450 system.

Our reference relationship allows us to offer Pharmacogenetic testing at no cost to the provider and in a format that is Medicare reimbursable. The process is simple – a quick cheek swab for your patient and in under 10 business days your office will have a full, easy-to-read report on their genetic make-up with dosing recommendations and warnings from the top genetic testing specialists in the world.

Toxicology Testing

Recently, the CDC has described the United States as being in an epidemic due to the number of emergency room visits caused by pain medication overdoses. The numbers are staggering – a 400% increase in the number of deaths of females related to prescription painkiller overdoses from 1999 to 2010, more than 6,600 deaths per year, with a 265% increase in men, equal to over 10,000 deaths per year in the same time period.

It’s now more important than ever to proactively choose to implement toxicology testing. The benefits of testing

Include: the ability to improve patient treatment with a more accurate assessment of a patient’s condition, decrease abuse of prescribed medications, improve compliance, and testing establishes efficient treatment management.

Our priority is to work closely with you to understand your practice needs and only then, customize your Toxicology solution. AMS will begin working with you by first developing an understanding of the scope of your Practice, listening to your individual needs/requests, and then implementing a solution that will grow with your Practice and establish a long-lasting partnership.

We provide a full-service lab providing the best-in-class, industry-leading Urine Drug Screening confirmation services. We’re committed to exceeding your needs for drug monitoring and compliance programs, and our goal is to create a long-lasting relationship that provides you with comprehensive, clinical, and quantitative urine drug testing through our unparalleled service and support.

Cancer Testing

Hereditary Cancer Screening

What is a hereditary cancer assessment?

The assessment evaluates an individuals genetic rick of developing primary inherited cancers over their lifetime. Equipped with the results of this test, alongside medical family history, strategy can be created to reduce the risk of developing one of these many types of cancers. Not everyone with a cancer-related mutation will develop cancer.

* Determines if a patient has genetic mutations that correlate with increased risk of several types of primary inherited cancers.

* Provides information to delay or avert the development of certain cancers.

* Assists physicians in recommending solutions for healthy lifestyle management, medications and / or surgical procedures.

Who should be tested?

1. Patients with a personal history of cancer.

2. Patients with a family history of cancer.

3. Patients with a family history of early onset cancer.

4. Patients with a family history of multiple types of cancer.

Test Options

Woman’s Panel

* Breast and Ovarian Cancer

* Melanoma Cancer

* Bladder and Renal Cancer

* Colorectal Cancer

* Endocrine Neoplasia

* Gastric Cancer

* Li-Fraumeni Syndrome

* Pancreatic Cancer

Men’s Panel

* Prostate Cancer

* Colorectal Cancer

* Melanoma Cancer

* Bladder and Renal Cancer

* Breast Cancer

* Endocrine Neoplasia

* Gastric Cancer

* Li-Fraumeni Syndrome

* Pancreatic Cancer

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