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Clinical Background

Acute respiratory infection is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in young, geriatric and immunocompromised patients. The use of rapid antigen detection tests in the office has become popular and offered value but is still very limited due to the low sensitivity and focus on single pathogen diagnosis. These rapid antigen tests may also create a false sense of security for both the patient and the provider when relied upon as a confirmatory test. False negatives can lead to a delayed diagnosis and poor clinical outcomes. Co-infection is also high within these populations and access to advanced technology is essential to detect multiple pathogens at once. NCF Diagnostics offers a solution that is both rapid and accurate and eliminates the guesswork in diagnosing and treating upper respiratory infections.


NCF Diagnostics utilizes Real-Time PCR for pathogen identification, quantification and detection of antibiotic resistance. PCR is a molecular technique performed in a high complexity laboratory and can be used to precisely analyze the genetic material of pathogens. PCR provides a more definitive diagnosis than the POC antigen assays and is 3-5X more sensitive than conventional culture techniques. The short run-time of PCR allows NCF to produce both pathogen and antibiotic resistance results within 24 hours of specimen collection.

Clinical Advantages

-Detects Polymicrobial Infections at Once

-Provides an Accurate Diagnosis within 24 hours

-Unaffected By Concurrent Antibiotic Use

-The Progression and Spread of Infection

-Additional Unnecessary Diagnostic Testing

-Decreases Healthcare Costs

-Identifies Antibiotic Resistance

-Improves Antibiotic Stewardship

-Reduces Unnecessary Drug Exposure and Adverse Events

-Decreases Patient Risks

-Eliminates Subjectivity and Improves Clinical Confidence

-Improves Patient Satisfaction